Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration Suite


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Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration Suite.
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Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration Suite.
Overview Key Features Data Integration Points Sample Integrations User Interface Installation Requirements Overview:.

File imports for Sage 100 Contractor

Insert and update virtually any data back into Sage 100 Contractor

Whether your data comes from Excel, a 3rd Party vendor solution or a custom application, .

Integrating data back into Sage 100 Contractor has never been easier

Users can import data into Sage 100 Contractor using standard CSV

files, formatted in accordance with specific file layouts defined for each separate integration point.

There is no need to be constrained by Sage 100 Contractor

the Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration suite allows you to work where, when and how you want to work.
Key Features:.
Over 25 pre-built Excel templates for each Data Integration point.
Single click install.
No implementation or consulting required.
Simply, download, install and start using.
Insert and “Update” key master file data such as vendors, customers, parts and equipment.
Bulk import multiple files in a single batch.
Scheduling feature to automate the importing of files from other systems and file locations.
REST API available for programmers, web developers and 3rd party solutions providers to build seamless integrations.
Data Integration Points:.
General Ledger: 1-3 Journal Transactions 1-7 Ledger Accounts Accounts Receivable: 3-2 Receivable Invoices/Credits 3-5 Jobs * 3-5 Job Contacts * 3-6 Clients * 3-6 Client Contacts * Accounts Payable: 4-2 Payable Invoices/Credits 4-4 Vendors * 4-4 Vendor Contacts * 4-4 Vendor Certificates * 4-7-3 Enter Credit Card Receipts Payroll: 5-2-1 Employees * 5-2-1 Employee Calcs * 5-2-2 Payroll Records 5-5-1 Daily Payroll Project Management: 6-2 Budgets 6-3 Cost Codes 6-4-1 Change Orders (Budget,Subcontract, Prime) 6-6-1 Purchase Orders 6-7-1 Subcontracts 6-9 Proposals Equipment Management: 8-3 Equipment * 8-4 Equipment Allocation Estimating: 9-2 Parts * 9-3 Takeoffs * Both Inserts and Updates are allowed for this integration point Sample Integrations:.
Journal Entries – prepare complex and recurring journal entries outside of Sage 100 Contractor in Excel or Google Sheets.
Having the ability to use a spreadsheet to prepare journal entries has several advantages.
For instance, having the ability to iteratively save your work, or the ability to start and stop what you’re doing as frequently as you’d like without worrying about losing what you’ve done.
Moreover, the ability to work at your own pace while not monopolizing valuable and limited Sage licenses can make preparing journal entries so much more efficient and cost effective.
Budgets – prepare your budgets in Excel or Google Docs.
This is what spreadsheets were designed for.
Not only can you take advantage of the advanced budgeting and proforma features of a spreadsheet but it will enable you to more easily collaborate with others in your organization to prepare and finalize your budgets.

Once you’re finished simply import the budget into Sage 100 Contractor

Timecard Entry – use a 3rd party time entry system or Excel to prepare and capture field time.

Import the time back into Sage 100 Contractor as a Daily Payroll

Eliminate the need to rekey time from an external timecard system into Sage 100 Contractor increasing the chance for human errors and incorrect payrolls.
CRM Integration – maintain a single list of contacts, clients, vendors, subcontractors in your CRM system or other source system such as an external Project Management system and integrate those contacts back into Sage 100 Contractor without maintaining and entering the same information in Sage 100 Contractor.
Purchase Orders – maintain and enter PO’s in the field on a spreadsheet or 3rd party project management solution and import those PO’s back into Sage 100 Contractor without manually re-keying the details.
Subcontractor Invoices – import invoices for subcontractor payment applications either individually or in bulk from a spreadsheet.
For example imagine generating each subcontractors payment application dynamically from the data in Sage 100 Contractor into individual Excel Workbooks.
Then emailing the workbooks to each subcontractor for them to fill out.
The completed workbooks could then be emailed back and the information could be dynamically imported back into Sage 100 Contractor as approved invoices, thereby eliminating the rekeying of invoices back into Sage.
AR Invoices – import AR Invoices either individually or in bulk from a spreadsheet or external system.
For example, bulk import recurring service contract invoices on a monthly basis rather than manually entering the individual invoices into Sage 100 Contractor.
User Interface:.
Supports importing data into multiple company databases.
Downloadable Excel Template for each Integration Point.
Defined File Layout for each Integration Point.
REQUEST A DEMO Installation Requirements:.
The Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration Suite is installed on the same server where Sage 100 Contractor is installed.
The solution is developed on top of the Ei Dynamics BPM platform.
Ei Dynamics is a data integration and workflow solution.
A limited licensed copy of Ei Dynamics is included with the Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration Suite.
Sage 100 Contractor version 22.1 or higher (1).
Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher.
Minimum of 16GB of RAM on the server.
Minimum of 2 processors.
SQL Server 2017 or higher (2).
IIS7 or greater.
NET 4.5.2.
(1) A compatible version of the Data Integration Suite is provided for each major version of Sage 100 Contractor starting with version 22.1.
Please verify you have the correct version of the Data Integration Suite that is compatible with your version of Sage 100 Contractor before downloading and installing.
Also, if upgrading Sage 100 to a newer version, make sure that a compatible version of the Data Integration Suite has been released for the version of Sage 100 Contractor being installed.

(2) Sage 100 Contractor ships with SQL Server Express 2014

if SQL Server Express 2014 is installed it will need to be upgraded to SQL Server Express 2017 or higher.
As long as SQL Express is being used there is no additional charge to upgrade and the compatible version can be downloaded and installed for free from Microsoft.
If a fully licensed SQL server is installed then there may be additional costs to upgrade the license to a newer version of SQL Server.
Brochure Download:.
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All rights reserved.

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