Marius Ciorecan Managing Partner


Meet the elapseit team.

» Team Say hello to the fine folks who make elapseit succeed where others fail

The product team is founder-led by Marius and Sorin and is on the mission to simplify the way small and medium companies use their time and resources.
Trusted by companies interested in increased productivity and efficiency, the team helps customers make the best use of working hours and achieve their professional goals.
Innovative thinkers, the members of the product team had one dream: to build an effective, all featured and all-inclusive time management & resource planning app that people love.
And so they did.
elapseit, their premium product, enables users to connect, perform, improve and leverage the existing company’s resources while using rescuing time and using it wisely.
Marius Ciorecan Managing Partner .
Sorin Chis Managing Partner .

Oana Patrascioiu Product Manager

Ana Nan Client Director.

Valentin Draganescu Back-end Development Lead

Adrian Kott Web Development Lead

Horia Hateg QA Lead.
Claudia Ivan Designer.
Marius Ciorecan.

Managing Partner Marius is an effective leader in elapseit team

ensuring the business and product is constantly evolving and growing.
After having spent almost 20 years managing dev teams, mentoring technical leads and building technical solutions , he is now totally dedicated to elapseit.
Since the beginning.

Marius had a clear vision about elapseit product

so, while creating it, he took stock of the expertise already at his disposal and consolidated the team by his strategic alignment approach.
He is well-versed in management, has a deep knowledge of the business industry and, most important, as a Managing Partner, he knows exactly how to make the team work together in order to always deliver a high-quality product.
Sorin Chis.

Managing Partner Co-founder Sorin is a committed leader within the team

with a responsible attitude and inspirational problem-solving abilities.
He brought his own professional experiences to how elapseit was built.
As a Managing Partner, Sorin ensured project health besides being directly responsible for developing and managing all aspects of information security.
He is comfortable diving into technical details to solve any challenge and his strong background in cloud computing, information security policies and procedures contributed to detect and close security vulnerabilities.
Besides his technical skills, Sorin is the one setting the right example throughout the team in term of work ethic and crisis management.
His interest in updating on the current trends and latest news in the industry encourages the whole team to pay attention to constant professional growth which all reflects in the high quality of elapseit.
Oana Patrascioiu.
Product Manager Oana is an experienced professional with a passion for productivity tools and helping teams work better together.
With over 4 years of work experience leading and directing projects in two software companies, Oana quickly understood elapseit’s unique specifications and applied her expertise to set product vision and remove blockers to orchestrate a successful launch of the product.
While playing a pivotal role in creating the best user experience.

Oana constantly adds value to the product

to the team as a whole, and most importantly, to elapseit customers.
She is an exceptional Product Manager that leads elapseit to better serve its users and deliver delightful, highly performant and reliable experiences.
Ana Nan.

Client Director Ana is a senior client service professional who maximises marketing

coordinates sales and manages business development.
Having worked in retaining and growing companies with large portfolio of clients, .

Ana takes pride in being the main point of contact for elapseit clients

She also meets prospective customers in order to understand their needs and to work with the development team to create customized versions of elapseit.
While aiming to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, Ana takes the pressure of the managing partners and coordinates the work of all departments that deal directly or indirectly with clients.
Energetic and commercially aware, Ana’s major role as a Client Director focuses on taking appropriate and timely action to correct all the problems identified by customers.
Valentin Draganescu.

Back-end Development Lead Valentin is highly involved in the process of designing

developing troubleshooting and debugging elapseit.
He built enhancements and suggested improvements within the app architecture.
Together with his team he addressed and solved all the performance problems and architectural challenges in order for the customers to have the best experience with elapseit.
Valentin has great instincts for critically analyzing data and is an expert at architecting backend infrastructure for scalability and robustness.
His analytical rigor as a Back-end Development Lead and his strategic thinking were critical for elapseit success, while his ability to dive in the technical implementation inspired the team to maintain enthusiasm and take pride in their leadership.
Adrian Kott.
Web Development Lead A talented software development professional with a deep technical background and experience, Adrian inspired and motivated the team to achieve great results, while leading the app development to meet current and future needs.
He contributed directly to elapseit growth through hands-on development and perfectly balanced pragmatism and idealism when finding technical solutions.
Experienced in leading Front End development of several complex web apps, as Web Development Lead, Adrian built elapseit web architecture creating a secure and scalable foundation for an outstanding app.
His work is vitally important because it will support performance, future growth and will ensure a superior customer experience for users.
Horia Hateg.
QA Lead Detail-oriented and with a gift for solving problems that have direct business impact, Horia ensured the release of elapseit was a delight for all the customers that expected a different, better time management and resource planning app.
Considered an expert in high complexity projects, Horia helps the team to deliver a complete quality product and facilitated the release management.
During the development process and beta testing, as a QA lead, he always understood customer requirements and came up with meaningful solutions.
Horia puts the quality of the product above finding defects and at the present moment, he actively supports all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience.
Claudia Ivan.
Designer Claudia is responsible for elapseit interface and participated in the development process from definition, through design, build, test, release, and maintenance.
Always learning and adapting, she contributed to the constant improvement of the product and helped the core team reach its potential.
Aware of her ability to shape the experiences for elapseit users.

Claudia accepts and incorporates feedback from customers

having in mind to reach a highly polished and the most professional design version.
As an app designer, her role was to pave the way for elapseit success by transforming team’s raw ideas in creative solutions that meet customers requirements and can scale for future releases.
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