Patch Notes: 15/AUG/20


Change: Tutorial server should no longer show CA Help (shows Tutorial Help instead)

Freedom or GL-Freedom chats.
When checking for disease due to too many creatures being on the same tile:For now, players will no longer become diseased or contribute to other creatures becoming diseased.Non-diseased creatures hitched to the same vehicle as each other will no longer cause each other to be diseased.
This includes hitching posts.
Bugfix: Fixed Alignment still falling in the opposite way of your deity during sermonsBugfix: Tamed/Dominated creatures from other kingdoms will now attack people with deity immunity to creatures/monsters.Bugfix: Fixed surface prospecting showing wrong vein quality.Bugfix: Fixed issue with teleporting not cancelling actions.Bugfix: Non-English Help channels will now show CA colours properly.Bugfix: Shortly after the servers come back up from the update, sandstone and rocksalt veins will appear on the new servers (Harmony, Melody, Defiance), as they were missing from the start.

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